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Redefine Your Finances! Save, Grow, and Prioritize What Matters Most. Accelerate Growth with Strategic Business Consulting & Your Personalized Blueprint For Success.

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  • Keep more profits in your pocket for things that matter 

  • Leverage available resources to achieve financial freedom

  • Have the time to do things that bring you joy guilt-free

  • Eliminate resource leaks so you can help build a strong, healthy community

  • Move from survival mode to thriving in your zone of genius

With our guidance, your organization will be well-equipped to seize new opportunities as they arise.

We are committed to helping our clients save time and money through strategic tax planning, maximizing savings, and minimizing tax liabilities.

We endeavor to create a positive ripple effect that empowers individuals, nurtures families, and strengthens the fabric of the communities we touch

Unlock the roadmap to success with your personal guide, Aurea. Leveraging 25+ years of entrepreneurial experience and Human Design expertise,

our Small Business Consulting firm provides a suite of solutions including:

Our customized solutions have reclaimed over $200,000 in waste dollars for families in 2023 alone, offering the financial security you need along with expert guidance to navigate the complex world of entrepreneurship with more ease and grace. 

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Are you unknowingly paying hidden fees for your payment processing? You might be surprised.

Our partner in payments can review your monthly statement for free to help you close those money leaks. Keep more of your hard-earned profits instead of giving them away to the banks!

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Would you like to streamline your client flow to deliver stellar customer service with greater ease and less financial/time investment on your part to run your daily operations? Ummm, yes please!

Click here to preview our client management solution to take another step towards time & financial freedom.

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Our passion lies in helping businesses like yours navigate through the complexities of the corporate landscape, unlocking hidden potential, and turning challenges into opportunities for growth.


We believe that challenges are not roadblocks; they are opportunities to learn and evolve. We thrive on identifying the root causes of obstacles and devising tailored strategies to address them head-on. 

We understand that financial resources are the lifeblood of any successful venture.

True holistic success comes from the synergy of healthy businesses supporting healthy families and communities. 

Knowing yourself is the key to greater confidence. Explore your energetic blueprint to get the keys to:

  • Master your decision making process

  • Eliminate negative self-talk

  • More effective partnerships

  • Stay in your zone of genius

  • Finally let go of what doesn't serve you

  • Get My Blueprint

Get My Blueprint
  • Aurea is a homeschooling single mom with a passion for helping purposeful entrepreneurs achieve the financial & time freedom needed to build healthy communities & families.

    Aurea's intuitive approach will empower you to set boundaries and follow your own path, aligning your business with your community, values, and desired lifestyle.

    As shared by our satisfied clients, our accurate and insightful consultations bring clarity, courage, and relief, allowing you to transition to peak performance with more ease & grace. 


  • When do I need to file?

  • The minimum income threshold required by the IRS to file your taxes is $12,950, but your situation may require a specific tax strategy and you may qualify for tax credits that you aren't aware of. Book a call for more information on how you can maximize your potentrial refund.

  • What if my previous returns were done wrong?

  • You can file file an amended return and recover the funds that are rightfully yours to claim up to 3 years after the original filing deadline. Book a call to see how we can help.

  • Is it too late to file?

  • You can file and recover the funds that are rightfully yours to claim up to 3 years after the original filing deadline.

  • What is Human Design? How can it help me?

  • Your Human Design Chart is not just the blueprint of who you are, it reveals your most effective energetic strategy so you can optimize your partnerships & collaborations and experience greater satisfaction, success, peace and delight.